Massage and Acupuncture

Heather Bakner, L.Ac. RMT, of Sacred Spaces Healing Arts provides healing services at Shanti Yoga by appointment.

What is a session?

Heather describes her healing services as a comibination of massage or acupuncture, or both. "I practice therapeutic massage which focuses on relieving stress and tension in the muscular system, through the use of Swedish and deep-tissue techniques. I may incorporate a range of motion or stretching in the massage as well. Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles on points along the meridian lines. The lines run along muscular - tendino pathways and nerve pathways, and connect to internal organs, like the long or large intestine. Most of the time the insertion of the needles is fairly painless, although occasionally there may be a painful point due to stagnation within the body. When the needles are inserted the client relaxes. At this point I place my hands gently on the client with certain craniosacral or other holds and connect with the client. This process creates a feedback loop between the client's central nervous system and peripheral nervous system and allows the body to self-harmonize. I use my presence and holding on the body to further facilitate energy movement and clearing."