Under the guidance of our skilled teachers,
discover the space and strength that you didn’t know you had.
Our instructors use alignment principles that release tension
 and allow freedom of expression.

Intensity Scale
1 = lowest to 5 = highest 


Vinyasa (vin-ya-sah) is the Sanskrit word for "flow.” No vinyasa class is the same. Vinyasa teachers choreograph their classes to transition from on pose to another by synchronizing their movement and breath. Music is often played to keep the atmosphere fun and lively.

Suitable for all levels , intensity level from 2.5-4 dependent on the instructor. 


Description coming soon.

Suitable for all levels.


Bikyasa combines principals of Ashtanga-Vinyasa with Bikram Yoga (26-pose sequence) in a heated environment. The class combines silence and music to allow each student to find their fullest expression.

Suitable for intermediate to advanced students, intensity level 2.5-4.



A yoga workout infusing power yoga style, cardio-intensive tribal movement and plyometrics. Buti Yoga uses the Spiral Structure Technique (SST) to sculpt and tone the deep abdominal muscles.  Buti classes are high-intensity, body-rocking, and accompanied by awesome music.

Suitable beginner to advanced-athletic, intensity 2-4.



A soothing and relaxing yoga style that utilizes blankets, blocks, bolsters, and other props to allow students to express a pose in a passive and effortless manner. Explore the benefits of stillness, space and relaxation with restorative yoga. It includes both gentle movement and traditional long held supported postures. Great for those new to yoga, recovering from injuries, looking to alleviate stress, or restore from a vigorous workout. 

Suitable to all levels. Intensity level 1.


This is an intentionally slower - paced class that focuses on  breath, flexibility, and also strength. The slower pace will allow more time to explore the postures in your body. Teachers may utilize alignment muscle activation visualization and pranayama in the postures to bring you into a state of meditation.

Ideal for beginners and longtime practitioners alike. Intensity level 1.


power hour-100.jpg

A fast paced, more intense version of Vinyasa. It includes the synchornized connection of movement to breath with a focus on endurance and strength. Creative sequencing is used to inspire physical, energetic, a mental inner freedom. A foundation in vinyasa flow or flow-based class experience is recommended.

Conditioned beginner to advanced student level, intensity 2-4.


Designed for the intermediate to advanced yoga practitioner who would like to challenge themselves. Explore inversions and arm balances with a fast-paced vinyasa flow. This class builds to work on advanced postures and ends in a re-energizing savasana.

Suitable for intermediate to advanced students, intensity level 2.5-4.


Description coming soon.

Suitable for all levels.